In Ein Hundert Jahren

 „In hundert Jahren wird es niemanden interessieren wie mein Bankkonto aussah, in welchem Haus ich lebte oder welches Auto ich fuhr. Aber vielleicht  ist die Welt ein wenig anders, weil ich wichtig für das Leben eines Jungen war."

Advisor Awards

Advisors Honor Key

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An Advisor's Honor Key is an award granted to the Chapter Advisor or another member of the Advisory Council on the following conditions:

  • Form 10's, Advisory Council Registrations, the Annual Financial Report and other required reports are submitted by established deadlines during the calendar year.
  • The net membership must exceed the previous calendar year's net membership.
  • Initiates must exceed majorities for the calendar year.
  • After yearly reports have been processed, the Service & Leadership Center sends nomination forms to Advisory Council Chairmen of Chapters fulfilling the first three conditions. The form must be completed and returned to the Service & Leadership Center.

If the same individual receives more than one key, a star is added to the background of each successive key. Only one key can be awarded to a Chapter in each DeMolay year.

Cross of Honor

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An Advisor who wears the Cross of Honor has received a distinctive honor that can only be given by DeMolay International to a member of an Advisory Council or a personal representative of an Executive Officer. It denotes three or more years of conspicuous meritorious service to a Chapter or jurisdiction, and exceptionally outstanding efforts on behalf of DeMolay.

Recommendations are made by the Advisory Council to the Executive Officer, who nominates individuals for this honor. Nomination forms are available from the Executive Officer, who must receive them by his deadline. Each year a nomination fee is established by the Grand Secretary. The fee covers processing and regalia. The fee is submitted with the completed nomination form to the Exeuctive Officer. He forwards the nomination to DeMolay Interntaional, whose unanimous vote at the annual Session is required to grant the honor.

Guild of the Leather Apron

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The Advisor of the Year honor is designated to give singular recognition to a DeMolay Advisor who in the past year has made outstanding contributions to the growth and success of the Order. The Advisor is one who should exemplify the ideals and precepts of the Order of DeMolay in his daily life as well as in his work with the young men in DeMolay. Selection of the Advisor of the Year is at the discretion of the Executive Officer of each jurisdiction.

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