In Ein Hundert Jahren

 „In hundert Jahren wird es niemanden interessieren wie mein Bankkonto aussah, in welchem Haus ich lebte oder welches Auto ich fuhr. Aber vielleicht  ist die Welt ein wenig anders, weil ich wichtig für das Leben eines Jungen war."

Auszeichnungen für jedermann

Certificate of Appreciation

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A Certificate of Appreciation may be given at any time during the year. These certificates are available from the DeMolay and More Store, which completes the certificate, attaches a seal and sends it to the Chapter for presentation. A formal presentation should be planned and all DeMolay parents and volunteers invited. Many other certificates are available. Check the DeMolay & More store for all the available certificates.

DeMolay Medal of Appreciation

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A Chapter may recommend any person over 21 years of age for the DeMolay Medal of Appreciation in recognition of outstanding service to DeMolay. The nominee can be a man or a woman and does not need any Masonic affiliation. Nominations may be made at any time. Forms may be secured from the Service & Leadership Center.

The nomination form must be forwarded to the Executive Officer and, if approved by him, will be forwarded to the Grand Secretary. The Chapter pays for the cost of the medal.

Hats Off Award

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The Hats Off Award may be presented to anyone rendering outstanding service to a Chapter. It consists of a lapel pin, a card and a certificate. The set may be purchased through the DeMolay & More store. Many Chapters have a dinner in connection with the presentation, or the presentation may be made at an open ceremony such as an installation of officers. Chapters may give as many Hats Off Awards as they wish and are the sole judges of who receives them. Often the award is used to cite a community leader.

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