Mom and Dad

Information for Parents

We appreciate your interest in DeMolay and welcome the opportunity to discuss the many aspects of our organization specifically designed to provide your son with positive experiential training in leadership, organizational management, community service, public speaking, event planning and more.
Parents are encouraged to get involved with their son's DeMolay chapter.The success of every chapter depends on the active participation of your Chapter Advisors and Adult Volunteers. We welcome the contribution of your time and talents to the extent your interest and schedule allows.
We realize that you may have questions about DeMolay and on this page we have attempted to answer some of those.

Any adult can attend a DeMolay meeting or the Degree work, all that is required is the permission of the Executive Officer

If you have more time you can work with the "Parents Club".

We can always use the help of adults as Advisors, Active or "Unplugged"

All adult DeMolay Workers must be registered with DeMolay International and have taken the MAD "Mom and Dad " DeMolay Advisor Development Training Program. Talk to the Chapter Dad or Chairman of the Advisor Council for more information.

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