In Ein Hundert Jahren

 „In hundert Jahren wird es niemanden interessieren wie mein Bankkonto aussah, in welchem Haus ich lebte oder welches Auto ich fuhr. Aber vielleicht  ist die Welt ein wenig anders, weil ich wichtig für das Leben eines Jungen war."

ISC Bylaws Rule and Regs

There are the Bylaws Rules and Regulations as put down by The International Supreme Council.

Changes and amendments can be submitted and will be voted at the next Sessions of ISC.


There are the Bylaws, which gives the name and offices of the corporation. Who are the members with their rights and responsibilities. When and where there meetings are held. The Board of Directors. What officers and committees we must have. Fiscal and legal requirements. The seal of DeMolay International. How and when amendments to the bylaws must be presented. What happens in the case of dissolution. All these thing are needed to be legal and have form.

There must be a copy in the records of each Chapter.

If you require them they may be purchased from the Jurisdiction office or the DeMolay or More store.

The Rules and Regulations of DeMolay International

are made up of the following Parts and Articles.

Part I General Provisions


General Provisions

Part II Administration




Executive Officers

Ritual and Regalia

Honors and Awards

Append Organizations

Region, Area and Jurisdictional Organization


Miscellaneous Provisions

Part III Provisions Relating to Chapters


Establishment of Chapters

Issuance of Charters

Termination, Suspension,Reinstatement of Charters

Advisor Council







Reports and Remittances

Financial Regulations

Obligatory Observances

Chapter Honors and Awards

Miscellaneous Provisions

Was tun wir?

Das ist eine einfache Frage, was Sie wollen?

Selbst wenn Sie keine Antwort auf eine Frage mit einer Frage beantworten sollen, das ist was wir tun.

Alles, was Sie tun möchten, und die Rest des Chapters dafür interessiert kann.

Computer, Klettern,???



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