In Ein Hundert Jahren

 „In hundert Jahren wird es niemanden interessieren wie mein Bankkonto aussah, in welchem Haus ich lebte oder welches Auto ich fuhr. Aber vielleicht  ist die Welt ein wenig anders, weil ich wichtig für das Leben eines Jungen war."


    Today, more than ever, the Order of DeMolay depends on the support and leadership of alumni and friends. As the Order faces the challenges of the future, the leadership of Senior members and friends will become increasingly important.

     The International DeMolay Alumni Association was formed in 1984 and has become the vehicle for alumni involvement and leadership for close to 5,000 life members. As the official organization of Senior DeMolays and friends of the Order, the Alumni Association offers a special way to lend support to the mission, purpose and principles of the Order of DeMolay.

    The key to alumni involvement is the local association program. International DeMolay Alumni Association members are coming together in different communities to enjoy the brotherhood of DeMolay and at the same time give something back to an organization that has given so much to them.

    Our goal is to provide an opportunity for each alumnus to get involved to some extent. Level of involvement is a personal decision. But, if an alumnus can be involved in one project, once a year, he will make a difference in the life of a young man

    The long -term success of DeMolay depends on our ability to develop a network of alumni into a strong foundation The International DeMolay Alumni Association is organized to be that strong foundation, the basis upon which we will build and expand in the future.

Was tun wir?

Das ist eine einfache Frage, was Sie wollen?

Selbst wenn Sie keine Antwort auf eine Frage mit einer Frage beantworten sollen, das ist was wir tun.

Alles, was Sie tun möchten, und die Rest des Chapters dafür interessiert kann.

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