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 I recently received an email from the mother of a Senior DeMolay asking about membership in the Alumni Association. She wanted to know what we do, who is eligible, and what are the membership fees. The reason for her asking is that she is considering purchasing a membership for her son for an upcoming birthday. My response to her answered her questions but it made me stop and think that perhaps we are not spreading the word about the Alumni Association as well as we should be.

What I found interesting in this email is that she is considering purchasing a membership for her son as a birthday present. As she put it, "I might as well give him something that will mean something to him...". How many times have we pondered what gift to purchase for a father, son or grandson who was in DeMolay? This gift could be for a birthday, for Christmas, or for Father's Day. You could purchase a Life Membership for $100.00 or an annual Membership for $25.00. I ask that you consider this the next time you are faced with this dilemma.


From the ALUMNI Almanac

By Rusty Glendinning

Was tun wir?

Das ist eine einfache Frage, was Sie wollen?

Selbst wenn Sie keine Antwort auf eine Frage mit einer Frage beantworten sollen, das ist was wir tun.

Alles, was Sie tun möchten, und die Rest des Chapters dafür interessiert kann.

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