In One Hundred Years

 "A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different, because I was important in the life of a boy."

Hall of Fame our past and the Future

From Educators to Judges,  From Actors to Super Stars,
From Privates to Colonels,  From Athletes to Coaches,
From Business Leaders to Civic and Fraternal Leaders,
From Legislators and Governors to a President,
DeMolay is most proud of our Craft!

What do DeMolays do?

What Do We Do In DeMolay?

The possibilities are endless. We do anything we want to do (within reason), because it is our Chapter. Our Advisors merely advise. They never tell us what to do, but they are there when we need someone experienced to help us out or when we just need a step in the right direction. Anything that we do, though, we have to plan. But it isn't that bad, because after you've worked hard to put something together, it makes it even more fun! Here are just a few things that we do...

  • Sports Every year, there are several international sporting competitions. We have competitions in Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Flag Football. The first group of guys that started DeMolay got together partly because they wanted to have a Baseball team.
  • Trips Every Chapter takes trips. Almost all Chapters go to the Jurisdictional Functions like Conclave. Other Chapters plan more trips, like Skiing, Caving, Hiking, Camping, and going to the Lakes. Chances are, if your Chapter wants to go somewhere, you can plan a fund raiser to pay for it and go!
  • Cilling The best thing about DeMolay is just hanging out. DeMolays are all friends, and we get together and hang out all the time. Whether it's going to the park and tossing around a ball, going to a movie together, or going over to one of the guy's houses and playing cards, we enjoy just hanging out and being with our friends and brothers.
  • Dramatics In DeMolay, there are two degrees new members go through to join our organization. One of these is a play, which gives people who enjoy acting a chance to shine. The ceremony, called the DeMolay Degree, is a dramatic interpretation of our namesake, Jacques DeMolay, and his final trial before he was wrongfully executed for being unloyal to his friends. Each year, we have a Jurisdictional ritual competition, where we compete in the ceremonies of DeMolay to see which Member or Chapter is the best performer. This event is called Degree of Champions.

Anything You Want! You want to do it? Chances are, you can! Because DeMolay is your organization, you decide what we do. Don't you want to be a part of a great organization that let's you plan your activities and have some input in what you do? That's the best part of our organization: the fact that we are in charge of what we do!

What do we Do?

That is a simple question what do you like to do?
Even if you should not answer a question with a question that is what we do.
Anything you want to do and can get the rest of the Chapter interested in.
Computers, wall climbing, ???


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