In One Hundred Years

 "A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different, because I was important in the life of a boy."

The teachings of the Order of DeMolay love of parents, love of God, patriotism, purity, courtesy, comradeship and fidelity...... are those which not only develop the best in Youth, but insure the best in Man.  Charles G. Dawes

Largest Fraternity

 DeMolay is a character building organization for young men who are 12 to 21 years of age.

Obligiatory Days

 The International Supreme Council Statute state: "The following days are fixed as special ceremonial days, and their observance is obligatory for all members of DeMolay unless prevented by unavoidable circumstances." Seven such days are listed: Devotional Day, Patriots' Day, DeMolay Day of Comfort, Educational Day, Parents' Day, My Government Day, and Frank S. Land Memorial Day. Sometimes an Executive Officer will establish a different month or day for an obligatory observance, so it will fit better into local and jurisdictional customs. This is permissible under ISC Statutes. The following are descriptions of each Obligatory Day with suggestions for related activities.

Executive Officer Changes to dates
February  Patriots' Day     18 March Devotional Day     May June   Parents' Day     September  Educational Day    3 October  Government Day    8 November   Frank S. Land Memorial Day    November- December    Day of Comfort

Devotional Day

 On the Sunday nearest to March 18, it is the duty of Chapter members to attend church or synagogue/temple as a group at which a special service has been arranged. The religious creed of a DeMolay is his own, and he is encouraged to follow its teachings. Experience shows that many clergy enthusiastically cooperate with DeMolay in arranging a program suitable for this day. The sponsoring body may appreciate being invited to participate in the observance. For example, DeMolays and Masons might meet at the Masonic Temple or another convenient place and proceed in a body to the church.


Parents’ Day

 Because the home and love of parents are essential to building good citizens, DeMolays should give special emphasis to Parents' Day, which is observed on a day between May 1 and June 21. It's the duty of every DeMolay to give to his parents some memento or perform some act that shows appreciation for all that his parents have done and are doing for him. It's also the duty of each Chapter to invite parents to a special meeting where they are suitably recognized.


Educational Day

 On Educational Day, a day convenient to the Chapter in September, it's the duty of each Chapter to arrange a program emphasizing the value of an education, and the fact that we see the public schools as a particular bulwark of our liberty. The public schools are considered the foundation of democracy.


My Government Day

 Observed during the month of October near the 3rd, My Government Day is designed to explain the government of the country, state, province or community in which the Chapter is located.


What do we Do?

That is a simple question what do you like to do?
Even if you should not answer a question with a question that is what we do.
Anything you want to do and can get the rest of the Chapter interested in.
Computers, wall climbing, ???


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